About Us

Who is Halcyon Hospice?

Our mission is…”To comfort patients and families struggling with a serious illness.” Halcyon Hospice is committed to delivering the highest quality end-of-life care with dignity, compassion and love. We provide pain management, comfort and support to our patients and peace of mind to their loved ones. We offer in-home and facility-based care.

In addition, we have a specialized inpatient hospice center in Atlanta with 22 private patient rooms staffed 24/7 as well as other services. We routinely measure patient and family satisfaction to stay focused on what’s most important…the people we serve.

Halcyon Hospice was launched by an experienced team of healthcare leaders in 2010, and in 2011 Halcyon acquired two Atlanta-based hospice providers: Altus Healthcare & Hospice and Compassionate Hospice of North Georgia. In December of 2012 we added Grace Hospice in Valdosta, Georgia to the Halcyon family. Halcyon acquired Infinity Hospice in Aiken, SC in 2013 and Community Hospice of MS headquartered in Tupelo, MS in 2014.

At Halcyon Hospice, we truly believe that terminally ill individuals deserve to live pain- and symptom-free in the company of family and friends. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality hospice services for our patients and their families. Learn more about why Halcyon Hospice should be your choice.

For more information, or to find a Halcyon Hospice location near you, visit our Locations Page.